Red Rose

Red Rose

I had lunch today with a friend
who I have to say I have not seen
in quite some time and
probably the fault is mine
for not being a better friend
and calling to make a date
to have lunch together as before
but instead the fact remains
that my friend I haven’t seen
so the question that I ask
is what sort of friend am I
if I do not have the time
to share a lunch and to chat a while.

I really enjoyed the lunch today
and to see my friend in the same old way
as we have done many times before
sharing lunch and catching up
on things that have happened since
the last time we sat down for a bite
and as we rose to go our ways
we both resolved on another day
we would have lunch again as before
only this time we would not wait so long
as the friendship bond between us is strong.

It’s been way too long…Thanks for the company.

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