The Homeless man

The love of a man for his dog.

The love of a man for his dog.

He stood at the intersection holding his sign
that read, “Homeless Vet, any help is appreciated”
sitting by his pack was his dog
presumably homeless as well.

He walked up and down peering into the cars
hoping that his look would get him something
an occasional driver would open his window
and give him a dollar and wish him luck

Others would open the window
to berate him for being a bum
and he would move on to the next
forever hoping.

Some could not meet his gaze
and would avert their eyes
guilty for what they have
but unable to have pity.

Then the lights changed
and the traffic moved off
to be replaced by more cars and people
and he would start his slow walk.

When the weather is bad
he will still be at the corner
an old umbrella to shelter his dog
while he braved the rain

Tomorrow and the next day
will be the same
in his quest
just to stay alive.

He is just one of many
on street corners across the USA
homeless, helpless and lost
in this modern world.



8 thoughts on “The Homeless man

  1. When I drive far, I sometimes sleep in my car. It’s horrible whether it’s hot or cold outside. So I can’t imagine how these homeless people endure sleeping outside. Last Thanksgiving, I volunteered to feed the homeless at a Rescue Mission. I never gave a homeless man money. I always give food.

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