Cold Weather

Snow in New York State

Snow in New York State

I do not like the cold
maybe because I’m getting old
it creeps under my very skin
and seems to freeze me from within
I have to put on extra clothes
as the cold gets to my toes
and long pants instead of shorts
to keep my legs warm as I walk.

My beautiful garden will soon be gone
leaving me to clean up the mess
as the frost kills the lush growth
and  drooping plants is all that remains
I feel so sad to see them gone
but glad to know they are not dead
and when springtime comes around
they will again raise their lovely heads.

In the ponds as the water cools
and dormant soon the fish will be
as the cold weather gives them stress
and Nature slows their bodies down
and on the bottom they will stay
until the water warms  in May.

The cold has come early this year
usually December it appears
but when a storm across the Mid West
it will always be a test
for there is nothing in between
except flat land and prairie wide
open to the sky for the wind to bring
cold weather with no end in sight
to freeze my bones, keep me indoors
and give me a chance to sit and write

I should not really complain
as winter here is usually mild
a couple of days of frost here and there
and maybe sometimes a little ice rain
but Spring for us will start early March
and by then things will already be green
but I still do not like the cold
and it’s not because I am growing old.

I just don’t like it…

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