Through the Looking Glass

View from the window left

View from the window right

I look out of the window into the yard
and marvel at the view I see
Nature has excelled and everything is green
and has grown beyond my wildest dreams
the winter was harsh and very cold
and the plants all froze back to the ground
and I worried that they would not re-appear
and replacements I would need to find.
but Nature is a wonderful thing
and although things slow to grow it’s true
Mother Nature is an old hand at this
and with time has brought things back to show
the plants are so green and oh so tall
with flowers abundant on everything.


Doves on a Feeder

To many Doves on a Feeder

Outside my window where the feeders hang
they have been invaded by a gang
of ring-necked doves who squabble and fight
on feeders not made to bear their weight
with perches too small for their size
made for so much smaller guys
and yet the antics they perform
keeps me amused as they do their best
to balance and feed with flapping wings
landing on top of each other and both fall down
and then they feed upon the ground
to pick up the seed that others have spilled
in their haste to get their fill.



There is even a squirrel or two
who likes to feed upon the seed
with preferences of the sunflower kind
maybe that is what suits their taste
or maybe it’s that in their haste
to feed on the seed before the dogs
chase them away for a little while
and then they have to patient be
to wait out the dogs before they return
back to feeding on the seed
hanging upside down and acting the clown
something which I have found
amusing as I watch spellbound.
I never tire of this view
and watch for hours as I work
one eye on the things I do
the other out there in the park
for Nature has its own way
all you have to do is look
even though they do not know
and what to them is not play
and yet to me I laugh out loud
and keep the feeders filled each day.

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