What shall I do today…

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet

What shall I do today
as I go about and play at what is now my life
my time my own to do as I like
to spend it on whatever I feel

No longer do I have to wait
for weekends to spare the time
as  that was the only day
when work did not get in the way
and I could do the things I had planned
and could not change my mind.

Sometimes I ran out of time
as Monday morning came around
and my time was no longer my own
as back to work I had to go.

But now I have the luxury
of retirement that I have earned
with years of work and sweat and toil
and all that comes with being embroiled
with earning a living a family to keep
and somebody else managing my time.

Lets see, I could maybe mow the yard
as that is not so terribly hard
or change the filters and take care of the ponds
which I have to do each day
or maybe put in the ground
some plants that my neighbor gave to me.

Or maybe I should call my mate
and he and I along with his dogs
will take a hike a few miles long
at one of our favorite parks.

Or should I go to the gym
and work the body for a couple of hours
and listen to Stephen King
on Audiobooks as I work out.

Currently as you can see
I am writing about my destiny
as it comes day by day
leaving me with much to decide
of what it is I shall do each day.


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