Listening to the wind…

The wind in the grass

I stand out in the garden and feel the wind gently blowing on my face
the trees are swaying from side to side as the wind caresses their leaves
and yet, not all of the trees are moving as the wind has not touched them
some are perfectly still as though awaiting their turn
and the wind does not disappoint them as it moves from tree to tree.

The wind chimes are tinkling when the wind blows through them
not all at the same time as the wind moves along its way
sometimes two or more and their sounds blend together
but usually just one as Mother Nature conducts the orchestra.

I love to feel the wind on my face and to listen to it blow
it has such a soothing sound hypnotic in its own way
and it is easy to get lost in the moment and be carried away
and imagine being swept along as free as the wind.

The blowing wind

The blowing wind

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