Dull and cloudy days…

Dark clouds on top of hill

Dark clouds on top of hill

Another day so dull and dark
as the clouds cover the sky
and stop the sun
from shining through.

Will it stay like this all day
or will the sun with all of its power
burn through the clouds
to cheer us with its light

Will it rain?
are they rain clouds
or just clouds
that cover the sky

With days so dark
it is hard to get going
and reluctant to go outside
because it looks so depressing

Even the birds are hiding
away from the feeders
usually such a busy place
as they squabble for the best perch

There is a lone squirrel
making the most of the opportunity
to eat the sunflower seeds
without sharing with the birds

I can only wait
for the sun to shine
as I am sure it will
as this is Texas…

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