The Passing of Time…



The Mother watched her baby as he lay sleeping
thinking of his birth not too long ago
and how he had come kicking and screaming
into this world.

She wondered what the future would bring
or have in store for this young life
that she loved more than she could say
and what part would she play as he grew to manhood

The girls watched as the boys kicked the ball
with sideways glances and intermittent giggles
as they followed the movements of the boys
as they scampered around.

The boys pretended to ignore them as they
played their game
all the while, very aware of their presence
each trying in their own way to impress them

They were all probably no more than thirteen
but already,well aware of the changes
within their bodies and their minds
as they viewed each other

Each trying to impress in that endless game
of life and this was just the beginning
as from this point on, nothing would be the same
and their would be no turning back.

The old man stroked his dog as he thought about his life
of the wives with whom he had spent so many years
of the people and places he had seen
and the days of his youth when kicking that same ball
was so important.

He thought about the good things that he could remember
the times that he had worked his magic in this world
helping others in their quest of living this life
with his help along the way.

And now, all he had left were his memories
as life trundled on to the inevitable end
time passing faster than ever before
and a lifetime gone in the blink of an eye.

Sunset in Texas

Sunset in Texas

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