Pond Society Meeting – January, 2013

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The Pond Society held its first meeting of the New Year this past Monday, January 21 at the usual meeting place of the clubhouse at Zilker Gardens. Below are the new officers and a link to their e-mails.

2013 Board Elected
Linda Tinsley President president@austinpondsociety.org
Jeannie Ferrier Programs programs@austinpondsociety.org
Special Events specialevents@austinpondsociety.org
Karl Tinsley Pond Tour Chair pondtour@austinpondsociety.org
Webmaster webmaster@austinpondsociety.org
Julienne Smith Secretary secretary@austinpondsociety.org
Rollie Sidla Treasurer treasurer@austinpondsociety.org
Darren Bayhi Membership membership@austinpondsociety.org
BJ Jenkins Publicity publicity@austinpondsociety.org
Mary Word Editor editor@austinpondsociety.org
Glen Hubenthal Historian historian@austinpondsociety.org
Photographer photographer@austinpondsociety.org
Steve Blackson AAGC Representative aagcrep@austinpondsociety.org
John O’Sullivan Parliamentarian parliamentarian@austinpondsociety.org
Sonja O’Sullivan Hospitality hospitality@austinpondsociety.org
Steve Manfrini Librarian librarian@austinpondsociety.org

As with every meeting I have ever attended, we started the evening off with a very substantial meal of spaghetti with a meat sauce with rolls and salad. To finish off there were these tiny little round cakes. I don’t know what they were called or what was in them but they were absolutely delicious and it took all of my will power to not eat more than two. As a spaghetti lover, this particular meal was very enjoyable to me.

The meeting was called to order by the new President, Linda Tinsley and after a brief introduction handed it off to Jeannie Ferrier who is in charge of Programs. Jeannie quickly got the ball rolling with a brief explanation of the evenings format
which basically consisted of the new Board introducing themselves and then each individual member would follow along and do the same thing.

The video below is of the Board

This next video is of the membership as they each gave a short resume of their ponding experience to date and what they hope to get from the Pond Society in the future.

My apologies for the quality of the video as I was very unprepared and did not have the video camera set up on its stand. Consequently, there are a few moments of wildly flashing pictures of nothing as I made camera adjustments on the fly. To be truthful, I was enjoying the spaghetti dinner so much that time got away from me.

There was more discussion on different topics and then Jeannie collected the cards she had handed out for the Q & A session. As these were general questions, anyone with an answer got their 5 cents worth in. Finally the usual drawing and the meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be held at 6:30 pm at the Zilker Gardens Clubhouse on February 15. Hope to see you all there and bring a friend.


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