Thoughts on a New Year


The old year has finally gone
as Father Time marches on
forward in inexorable ways
nothing to stop him and no delays.

Time is not under our control
we do can do nothing to fill the hole
as today is born and fades away
tomorrow is already another day.

I wonder what this year will bring
what new friends with songs to sing
how many will pass on along the way
having travelled their journey and had their say.

Life is an ever moving thing
time does not stand and wait to sing
instead it keeps moving at a rapid pace
as we struggle to keep up in this race.

Our part of this time is indeed very small
and this incredible universe so tall
and has been around for millions of years
and hopefully will last a few million more.

It matters not how long the time
as ours on this earth is the blink of an eye
and yet we know we don’t have the right
to destroy our world without a fight.

As others more greedy can only see
money and riches as they pollute what is free
the air and the sky the water and the land
their need to be wealthy as they take with their hands.

Destroying what is not theirs to destroy
what belongs to us all both girls and boys
and every living thing on this earth should succeed
and the world should not end because of their greed.

Hopefully common sense will prevail
to make these unbelievers fail
like hotter land and rising seas
and maybe even the air that we breathe.

It’s not too late and we have the time
to get the others to change their minds
for the one thing I am very sure
they can’t take it with them as they exit the door.