The Day After

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Well, I have to say that I am a mightily relieved man. All of the things that I envisioned happening under Romney will probably not happen now and although he had some good points, frankly he scared me with his rhetoric and some of his views.

That is not to say that Obama is always right either. He has his problems and hopefully he will move forward in a positive way for the people of this country.

I stayed up until almost 2:00 am watching as the results came in listening to both Romney’s and Obama’s speeches. I thought that Romney was very courteous and gracious in what he said considering he had to be feeling pretty bad about the whole thing.

As for Obama, that was one of the best speeches I have heard him give. He was very eloquent and knew how to whip up his supporters and ended on a rousing note as he urged his supporters to help him move forward.

Coming from England, I find the American Election system very confusing. When just a handful of states can decide the outcome by the number of votes they have in the Electoral Role beats the heck out of me. I don’t understand why there is a separate President from the two major parties and why the majority party with the most seats is not the winner with the head of that party taking on the Presidential role. It is not unusual for the President Elect to win the Electoral votes and not have the majority of the people’s votes. How can that be a fair representation.  Oh well…

Like it or not, we have four more years under this President. I hope that he is able to move forward with some of the major tasks he has outlined such as Immigration, Economy and getting people back to work. He faces an uphill task with more or less the same people on both sides of the aisle and has  got to find a way to reach out to the other side and break the gridlock that currently has such a hold on our Government or he will not get anything done.

As I said, I can rest easier now that President Obama is still in office and that my vote helped get him there. Now, it is out of my hands. He is on his own as there is not much I can do to help except read about him in the papers or listen to it on NPR and wish him luck….


4 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. It was a great speech, and so was Mitt Ronney’s. Now if the Republicans and tea party members will only follow his wise words maybe congress will accomplish something.

  2. Maybe if Liberals and Obama would start thinking critically and doing what’s truly best for America (and what’s moral), maybe we can get ourselves out of this mess. The problem is all he is good at, is good speeches. And most of the people listening can’t logically reason, so they let the wool be pulled over their eyes. Is disgusting to think where society has ended up. He’ll need a heck of a lot more than luck to get America out of the mess he got us into.

  3. Simeon, you seem to be a perfect example of the negativity to which I was referring. Take Romney’s advice and try to be part of solutions instead of problems.

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