Say Hello as you pass by.

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country (Photo credit: Smalloy)

Texas folks are a friendly lot
probably because it’s so durn hot
as Texans greet each other they say
“Hi, how are you today?
Looks like another scorcher” they say
“I wonder if rain is on the way?”

One hundred degrees is nothing new
and higher than that it can go
for days on end it goes on and on
and rain is nowhere to be found
things dry up and wither and die
as the blistering sun up in the sky
beats down with an endless supply of heat
and still the Texans to each other greet
with a smile and the wink of an eye
say “Hello” as they pass by.

It has to be said they do not change
even if it’s pouring rain
as at that time so pleased are they
as rain does not often come their way.
Generally, when it does come
no light showers spread over time
nothing so simple as gentle rain
but instead it pours in almighty amounts
enough at a time a job to count
gully washers and inches at a time
for that is the nature of this State
and why Texans are a hardy bunch
it’s either feast or famine,no light lunch
we get it all or nothing as that is the way
and we still say “Hello” as we pass by each day.

Texas does not have seasons as such
instead of four there are only two
it’s either Summer for ten months of the year
shared with Winter which has so few
that it hardly counts except
in that time  the weather can change
instead of it being one hundred degrees
it can be cold enough for it to freeze.
Even with frosty breath as they speak
“Good Morning” they say as they peek
out from under fur hoods and hats
as cold weather has changed their clothes
as bundled up on their way they go.

Texas winter it has to be said generally lasts a couple of days
of really cold weather and sometimes some snow
to make children’s eyes all aglow
As they play in the snow and angels do make
or a snowman if enough of the white stuff has fallen.
This does not stop the friendly folk as they pass each other
in the street, as with a smile, a nod of the head or a cheery “Hello”
it has to be said that Texans are the nicest people.

In the morning everything has all gone
and the temperature rises in little degrees
and bit by bit and day by day
Winter is fast slipping away
and then all of a sudden Summer is here
Frosts are all gone and with it the rain
the temperature goes up before we know where we are
back to one hundred degrees is the norm
as another three season just true to form
have slipped on by and it’s Summer again.

Still the Texans to each other greet
with a smile and the wink of an eye
say “Hello” as they pass by.

Welcome to Texas Weather

Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country (Photo credit: Houstonian)

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