Little Boys and Birthdays

Green and Peaceful

After training on Thursday night
the boys were through and thought they might
shoot on the goal as they usually do
but Cristina had other things in mind
things of the birthday kind
for she had secretly gone to the store
for pies so delicious we all wanted more
pies of the custard kind filled with topping.
Calories, whose counting?

Mine, a single candle did have
for that I am grateful for truth to tell
no room on the pie for anything more
nor did Cristina enough candles buy
she claims, the store had run dry
and she had bought all they had
and why I thought her incredibly kind
to not show candles of a mind
for none to see how old was I
not acting my years and still feeling spry
or maybe just living a lie..

The little boys did gather round and sing
Happy Birthday, Dear Coach their voices did
ring out with joy at this wondrous event
of eleven year old boys wishing Happy Birthday to one
who has spent many of their lifetimes on this earth.
And yet, the only thing they can see
is their coach, their mentor the one who can be
to them, matters not his age in their young minds
but this person, this man who knows the sport
and has played the game and now resorts
to playing it still through their young minds
and bodies as they say, Hey Coach, this is your day
and we are glad that you show us the way
to play this game and we all say
Thank You, Coach and Happy Birthday

They all gave the coach a hug
and must have looked odd for others to see
eleven little boys of all shapes and sizes
all hanging onto the coach and we
are so grateful for these little boys
for all their differences they are the same
when it comes them playing the beautiful game
and the thanks they all gave their coach last night
in a show of love and affection that only little boys might
say Thank You, Coach and Happy Birthday

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