You need to be an Engineer

Two of the ponds in my yard are connected by a weir and are on different levels. The lower pond had a skimmer with a pump inside which in turn, pumps water to a waterfall in the upper pond.

I was having problems with keeping the water level up in the lower pond and couldn’t figure why. I went through different scenarios of bypassing waterfalls, shutting down other pumps and still couldn’t locate the problem. I always resorted to adding more water and blaming it onto the hot weather and large amount of vegetation in the ponds.

Then I had one of those moments where the light went on in my brain (can’t remember the last time that happened) and realized that the pump in the lower pond which was pumping 3600 gph was too big and was transferring more water out than was running back in.

So, in a moment of brilliance, I bought a 2000 gph and installed it and would you believe, the water levels have stabilized. It’s moments like that the make everything worthwhile…

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