Texas and the heat

It is hot, bloody hot.

Interesting to think that I left New York State  in 1977 because I couldn’t stand the long and very cold winters up there. Right now, it would be great to have some of that cool here.

The trouble with the Texas heat other than the obvious things like sunburn and dehydration, is how it affects the human psyche. If I get out and start work in the yard fairly early in the morning, say 10:00 am, I find that I can continue working in it for most of the day as long as I take breaks for water or the ever popular with the English, hot tea with milk and sugar.

However, if I delay the early (for me) start, then I find it extremely difficult to stay out for any length of time and usually end up in the air conditioning along with the dogs and cats. They are the smart ones and even though they may walk out the door with me, one by one they sneak back in to curl up and sleep.

If there is an afterlife and we are able to choose how we return if it is not as a human, then I would choose to be a cat or a dog just as long as I come back to a loving family. Boy, do they have it made at least at my house and all of the people that I know with these domesticated friends, have all spoiled them rotten.

I have friends coming over this evening to see the yard and the ponds. Luckily, they are coming later this evening and although it will still be hot, at least it will be bearable. I need to get out there and prepare like pick up the dog doo and coil up the hoses which are put to use every day. We haven’t had any rain for most of the year and here it is in July. So along with the heat, we have this ongoing drought making it very difficult to keep the yard alive without using excessive amounts of water.

Talking of picking up, it’s time to go…

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  1. We had a lovely visit Friday night and really enjoyed sitting by the ponds, watching the koi and being serenaded by the running water. The ponds are awesome! You did a great job cleaning up, didn’t see any dog poo!! Thanks for the hospitality!

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