Two Great Rivals

UT Old Main Building

This weekend I was supposed to be
in Bryan College Station to see
the little boys play in a tournament.

This place is better known for the University
for it is home to Texas A&M who are known
as Aggies.
For the students who proudly bear that name
and for all to see and they never complain
members are they for all to see
of this great University.

The greatest rivalry that exists is between the Aggies
who persist
in claiming they are number one.
And far to the West in the Capital of the State
in a place called Austin another University waits
to clash with the Aggies and to sit on their throne
as number one and to stand alone.

The University of Texas as they are known
and Texas A&M are not alone
as the sum of their differences are far, far less than
their achievements that both of these great schools bring
to each other and to all of the students who dislike
the other in the nicest way.
As their school they support amid the fray
of whatever the sport on whatever the day
remembering that each in their own way
brings honor and glory to School and State
and to the students each who make
up these great schools.

Texas A&M University