Reimer’s Ranch 11-3-2018


Now fully enthused with getting back to hiking, I took another walk at Reimer’s Ranch fully intending this to be just a short hike for a couple of miles or so. Instead, it turned out to be the longest one yet of these most recent walks. I went through my usual change of clothes routine but it was not until I had covered a half mile or so that I realized I had not changed into my hiking boots. Luckily, my shoes are walking shoes with thick soles and lots of support so it was not really a big deal. Certainly not big enough to turn around and change.

I hadn’t planned on such a long walk. I thought that maybe a short loop from the Mountain Bike Parking Lot over to Johnny’s Homestead. At that point I was going to decide which way I wanted to go as I had five different options. I finally chose to take the Multi Use Trail which surrounds the entire park and then turned off onto the Kelly Prehn Overlook. Just prior to making the turn, a young lady passed me running the Multi Use Trail. I had noticed her with her husband or boy friend in the same Parking Lot that I was in. He unloaded a bike which I supposed was for his use as she was the one running. Great way for both of their different interests to be combined to one location.

I continued along the trail leading to the Overlook where I was able to look down the gorge and see the stream at the bottom. I was a bit surprised that the stream was not flowing much heavier after all of the rain. The pictures that I took do not do the view justice as I was not able to capture the depth of the gorge from the overlook but it is probably around 150 feet.

From Kelly Prehn, I took the trail that leads to Pogue Canyon. Both views are very similar and Spruce trees are dropping their needles very fast as winter approaches. Again, my pictures do not show the depth very well. I walked back to the Multi Use Trail and kicked around which way I wanted to go. I finally decided to follow the young lady and took the Multi Use Trail which eventually brought me back to the Parking Area which had emptied considerably from when I first arrived. I was really dragging by the time I got back and my two pedometers registered around 6.5 miles. I sure wish my hot tub was fixed as I could really use it after these sort of walks.

Reimers Ranch 11-3-2018 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

Written 11/7/2018