Working in the Yard.

My Beautiful Jungle

Now that I have written the previous piece
and thinking of my own expertise
planning on going outside to work
pulling weeds and cutting back Natures quirks
but in the time that it took me
to fill the feeders throughout the yard
the sun came out the temperature arose
and hardly any breeze that blows
to cool things down which helps a lot
just in case we had forgot
what Autumn heat in Texas can be
hotter than in most other countries
so I gave up on that idea
as it can wait for another year
well maybe not a year and in fact
tomorrow sounds good but a little abstract
leaving me room to change my mind
if something more interesting I can find
I like to stay busy and that’s a fact
and gardening helps me get in the act
of trying to keep somewhat fit
as the exercise will do its bit
even so at the end of the day
my body tells that I should not play
quite as hard as in years gone by
even though I give it a try
but age is something we have to face
and the muscles are gone and in their place
are humps and voids of a different kind
on my body that used to be fine
but I am grateful that I can still work
and giving it a try I do not shirk
but one thing I have to say
Boy am I tired at the end of the day.

Written 9/27/2020