What to Write About?

Thalia blown oveI sat in front of the computer staring at a blank screen wondering just what I was going to write about. Nothing was coming to mind as I stared. It was as though I was waiting for the words to magically appear on the page. As that sort of stuff only happens in the movies and never in real life, I was beginning to think I was wasting my time and just spinning my wheels.
My mind wandered to all of the other things that I needed or wanted to do mostly out in the garden. There, the list is long and today’s wind has added to it as it blew over one of the tall Thalia’s in the middle pond. I am going to have to get back into that pond to try to do something with that plant and it will probably mean putting it in a bigger container and weighing it down with rocks. This is what I had to do with the Thalia’s in the other two ponds.

Notice the big turtle sitting on the roots to the left. She is probably 12 inches long. I haven’t seen her in a while so it’s nice to know she is still around. The water is getting a little on the chilly side so I should probably put on my waders. Only trouble is they leak so maybe I should go and buy a new pair. Then again, leaky waders are no worse than getting into the pond in shorts. What to do?

I am staring at the screen again still waiting for a burst of ideas but nothing is happening. Oh well, guess I’ll go and dig out those leaky waders…

Another view of the Thalia