Cold Weather

Frost bitten Geraniums

Frost bitten Geraniums

My garden is a bloody mess
with Jack Frost finally doing its thing
where there was a lot of green
all has a nasty dead coloring.

Nearly all the plants the frost has dried
freezing the moisture from the inside
the end result is a burnt brown look
that will require that I cut
everything back to the roots.

As the weather is still very cold
the cutting back can keep until
some comfort can be found
as the temperature rises from the ground
and warmer weather comes around.

I love my garden I have to say
and I don’t mind the fact that it is hard work
but I certainly want some warmth at least
if I am to go and tame the beast.

We do seem to be having a much colder time
than we normally get this time of year
generally, it is not till next month
that freezing weather arrives here.

Global warming must be the cause
at least that’s what the experts will say
Me, all I know is that it is cold
and I want it to go away.

Snow in New York State

Snow in New York State

I lived ten years in New York State
where winter lasts six months of the year
and six feet of accumulated snow I fear
is not uncommon when you wake

The coldest temperature I was in
was on a ski slope one evening
with the windchill it was down
to minus 52 below freezing

I took off my ski’s and walked back down
the mountain side on the same trail
I should have skied if it was not so cold
and instead headed in to the bar and to get warm.

Another time, I had a car freeze up
as the temperature was minus 23
and the only way to get it to start
was bring it inside and let it thaw.

I moved out of New York after ten years of hell
as far south as I could thinking that well
the snow only last’s one day at a time
and cold and frost was not really that much
and compared to New York, a walk in the park.

New Yorker‘s are a hardy bunch
they take this weather in their stride
they put on snow tires and winterize their cars
wear snow boots and long-johns to keep warm
they ride snow mobiles and skiing go
out in the cold and in the snow

Texas Summer

Texas Summer

I was so glad to leave that behind
and move to the warmth of the Texas sun
the summer times I can stand
when the temperatures climb to a hundred and one
sometimes even a little more
but I do not find that a chore
as shorts and tee shirts and sandles too
are all I need to keep me cool.