Reflections on the waterI stand by the pond and watch the water
as the ripples spread in all directions
caused by the waterfalls and the bubbling urn
broken only by the water plants that in turn
stand in the way breaking the rhythm but creating more
patterns of a different kind.

I see the shimmering light as the sun strikes and reflects
on plants and trees and in the most unexpected places
Surrounded by sound and beauty it is hard not to be at peace
with oneself and with others as the flashing lights add to the scene.
On trees and walls,rocks and plants, the shimmering lights work their dance
and the beauty we see can only be found as the sun is setting low in the sky.

Sometimes I wonder at moments like these
why am I so lucky to behold such natural wonders
given to me by Mother Nature in all of her glory
as she tells her ever ongoing story for all to see
if only they would look they too could find the same peace
that Nature gives to me.