The Deed is Done

Danny,Abigail and Mini

The deed is done
Her race has run
and Mini is with her Maker

She took one last walk around
the garden where she found peace
in the splashing sound of water.

I thought for a while
that she was better
but no she quickly relapsed back into
the sorry little dog she had become.

So I cried as I put her in the car
as the journey is not far
and to the Vet’s we drove.

Jillian, the Tec’ who works for the Vet
and many  times had Mini seen
met me at my car to take Mini inside
and understanding did give me a hug and told me how sorry she was.

At that point I lost it and my tears did flow
and Jillian hung on to me as if to show
how much she knew how I cared for that dog.

I recovered enough to thank her for her caring
and sat in the car as she walked to the door carrying Mini.
My tears flowed some more but I took a deep breath
and drove about my business. The deed was done
and no amount of wishing was going to change that
and neither it should as Mini was going to a far better place
free of the pain and pills and shots, back with Manley
her friend in this life before as Jillian closed the door.

I went back home and dug the hole
next to the grave where Manley found
peace so that at least alone not she
would be as she lay in the cold, cold ground.

I went back to the Vet and made the call
and Pam carried Mini to the car in a box
where she would spend eternity in the grave
next to her friend, Manley.

Although Mini’s chapter is wrote
it would not be complete if I didn’t say thanks
to all of her friends at the Vet’s where she spent so much of her time

Dr Donop was especially kind and understanding a man is he
along with Jillian and Pam and the others too
who did everything they could to give Mini a life
as free as was possible considering the strife
that her body did put her through.

To the ladies who greeted me with a smile
and made conversation to make it worth while
all the visits that Mini and I did share
showing that they all did care that Mini was special
and in their hearts, they were wishing that a better life
Mini would eventually find

But Alas it was not to be
now Mini will live in Eternity, along with her Maker
who we all know has a place for all dogs and kitties too
in that place on high called Animal Heaven.

With Thanks and Gratitude to my friends at Oak Springs Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital.