Words, Speaking and Writing


Who ever thought that I could be, a writer for one like me
who trouble has in speaking words has found the pen is mightier.
and that remembering the words to use in sentences that are profound
can take the time and write them down and sense they make to one and all
who listen hard but cannot hear the verbal words as they lack
the meaning that I’m trying to say so I write them down in another way
to explain the words that my mouth cannot say
for I fear that a speaker is not my way

An orator, one who can hold, an audience so strong and bold
in the palm of his hand with words so fine
they listen to every one of his lines
as he speaks they hear magic of the times
of the words he has to say as he speaks to them from far away.

Now maybe the twist is in the words the orator may well read
the choice of pieces for the need to an audience recite
the written word, that I did write
and even though the will to speak of that I am very weak
the orator can say the things and for me say that which I keep
in my mind and on which I write.