SuperBowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday after the game

Today is Superbowl Sunday in this great land of ours
What’s that you say, you have never heard of its powers
when millions upon millions of intelligent folk
drop everything they are doing to take in the scope
of this, the day when two footballing giants will go
head to head to see who is the mightiest of foe
of beating the crap out of each other in a bid to win
this game as it has become, the very most important one
in order to winners be and champions of the country.

The game itself is one hour in length
split in four quarters no time to lament
of the fact that stoppages do abound
and the game of one hour will finally end
four hours later as the clock rarely runs
without stoppages of every conceivable kind
dragging out the game and in everyone’s mind
this is normal and because it’s on TV
those moments when play is at a stop
TV Commercials we shall see and to many people
the best part of the game is when the sponsors are showing their name.

The Supermarkets just love this day as people flock in to buy
Beer and wine and other drinks and lots of food, who know why
this Nation of ours has chosen to make, Superbowl Sunday another day
to celebrate in their own way, the worlds biggest party way bigger than most
another day of making toasts, to the team that each person supports
in the hope that at the end of the game, your team will bear the name
as Superbowl Champions.

Superbowl Sunday Feast!

Superbowl Sunday Feast!