New Years Eve and Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne (Photo credit: scotsmusic)

Today is New Years Eve
which seems a strange thing to say
when I look at the clock it tells me
that evening is far away
In fact it is a title, a name that is given to
a very special day, the last of the year
that will be followed by something new.

Tomorrow will be the start
of a brand New Year
but for now until it departs
2012 is still here
and will be until midnight
when the clocks strike twelve
and people will be dancing
and making merry in the streets
and the reason they know not why
as the hands finally creep
until both are upright at twelve
and people will dance and link arms
and with all of its charms
will sing as loud as they can
Auld Lang Syne

They know not why they sing
is it because they have hope
that the New Year coming in
will be different in some ways or scope
Not everyone is celebrating
or looking for something new
many have had a very good year
and they can only hope
that life will still be good to them
as it was in the year just passed
and all of them are wishing one thing
hoping it’s not their last.

Twelve months is a very long time
for people on Planet Earth
and yet in the big scheme of things
it has flown on by with a dearth
of memories both good and bad
memories both happy and sad
in less time that it takes in this Universe
more like the blink of an eye.

Man’s time on earth is measured
in these same years
most not reaching a century
as we struggle with many fears
of growing old before our time
and not having a full run
at whatever time is alloted to us
with the New Year just begun.

Alas I fear for those of us
already past our prime
no more dancing in the streets
for this time is just like any other
a number and nothing more
to add to the ones accumulated
who bothers to keep score
we think we are wiser than those who dance
and we know that this is their chance
to be like us fifty years ago
when we were the ones dancing in the streets.

For this is how it always must be
the new year replacing the old
as history has been made again
with stories to unfold
the good the bad and the in-between
of which we have little control
we take it all as it comes our way
with little choice as we have no say
in the way the cards are dealt to us all
with the hope that they will fall
right side up and Aces high
as we raise our voices to the sky
and once again hear us sing
Auld Lang Syne.

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