Thoughts on this time of the year.

Sunset in Texas

Sunset in Texas

Another year has almost gone
with us wondering where it did go
it flew by so fast with nary a sound
no explanations to tell us so
one day follows another as it should be
after the next at breakneck speed
and it seemed not so long ago
that it was like an eternity
as the days went slowly by
and filled our hearts with joy

It seemed like only yesterday
that I celebrated in my own way
my birthday which in January comes
and here we are a year passed by
and if on my birthday I wake to see
a year older I shall be.

Where did it go all of those days
how did I spend them, in my own way
or did others tell me what to do
of this I know for I am sure
that I chose how I was engrossed
doing the things I like the most.

With the New Year comes new hope
for accomplishments in the things we try
resolutions set with good intent
with extra effort in our mind
to do the things that we have resolved
we need to change for reasons why
we cannot fathom and yet we believe
and ourselves we do deceive
as in faith and in fate and chance to try
to be different if we apply.

Me, I no longer resolve to be
a better this or a different that
or to lose weight or give up booze
or not waste money on trivial things
to eat better and read more books
and spend more time in the gym
drink less coffee of the Starbucks kind.
and get to bed each night at nine.

No, the only thing that I resolve
is to first wake up to start the day
and to give thanks in my own way
that I opened my eyes and have my say
in this game of life for I’m ready to play
to live life to the fullest to give it my best
and trust Mother Nature to do the rest
and I will do the best that I can
to help her out with her Grand Plan.

Oh yes, Happy New Year