Some Thoughts on the Season…

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Twenty thirteen has almost gone
and with it another year has passed
the time flies by so quickly and yet
all we are left are the memories
some good some bad some in between
of things that happened in twenty thirteen.

When we look back what do we see
things that happened to you and me
new life fresh into this world
to carry on the human race
taking the place of those who have passed
to the other side.

My heart goes out to those who have lost
a brother or sister, father or wife
and we all hope that in their other life
they will find peace at last.

For those of us that still remain
life will not be the same
but we continue on running the race
at our usual demonic pace
for that is the way it has always been
as life ebbs and flows.

When the New Year comes in a few days
will everything still be the same
probably not for we all know
that with each moment older we grow
we slow a little as we move
and forget things that we should know
even more with the passing of time
we run our life just as though
the next minute will be our last.

One thing I would like to say
to all of my friends I met on the way
and those friends I have still to meet
as we pass by in the street
Merry Christmas I say to one and all
and Happy New Year and may it bring
all that you wish along the way
with each passing day
good health and happiness and maybe too
good fortune in everything you do.