My Little Dog, Ginny

Ginny the new girl

Ginny, the new little girl

I have this funny little dog
she is a Dachshund by breed
and a clown by nature
and her name is Ginny

She was a stray found by loving people
who cared enough to find her a home
and I am the lucky person
who provides her with food and shelter
and love, lots of love.

Ginny is always in a hurry
everything is at double-quick time
scampering here and there
to check for mice and rats
with excited barks when she can smell one
beneath the deck under her busy feet.

She is a miniature and small in size
but big in heart
when it comes to protecting her food
from the other dogs
sounding ferocious with her barks.

When her buddy, Richie
discovers something in the garden
that makes him kick up a fuss
she is off in an instant
joining him in his chorus
most of the time, not knowing why.

And yet, for all of her bravery
she is very affectionate
and demands that I make a fuss
when she jumps on my lap
or when all four of us
are sitting on the couch
in the evening
as I watch my favorite shows.

She sleeps under the covers
of my bed
hidden from the others
and does not reappear
until the morning unless
another dog barks at something
outside my window.

A coon perhaps
or maybe the rats in the bird feeders
as they eat their share
of sunflower seeds.

I love my little dog
as I do the other three
all Dachshunds  now as the others
have departed  from this life
leaving me with memories.

Some say, I care more for my pets
than I do for people
and in some ways, they are right
as the dogs rely on me for everything
and in return
give me their undivided love
and sometimes their attention
which is more than can be said
for most of the humankind.