Today has been a funny old day
with things done along the way
I took time to view two peoples ponds
both different in why I went along

The first a very pleasant place
with Butterfly Koi sharing the space
not much else just a lily or two
and a waterfall to enhance the view.

I will return tomorrow the fish to catch
and put in my ponds so they can match
the Koi that I already own
to add more beauty to my home.

The other pond is different yet
advice is all they are looking for
and recommendations on what to do
in the hope the pond to renew.

They will need to drain their pond
adding the Koi to a separate tub
where they can stay as the work is done
of cleaning the mess of leaves and muck.

I explained the benefits for them
of joining with our little group
as members they can rent
the pond-vac and the storage tub

I left them with my best advice
and grateful were they for my choice
they know what to do and if they get stuck
I gave them the name of a man and his truck.