Ladder, Vertigo

Up, up and away

I have a friend who often complains
any time he gets his feet off the ground
for vertigo he suffers which makes his head go round and round
for he has no control and truth be known
even going up stairs can be found
for him, a miserable chore for he
has to traverse close to the wall
and to hold the rail to prevent a fall
because of the vertigo.

I have been with my friend many a time
in motels to stay between games which is fine
we always choose the bottom floor
so my friend, open stairs does not climb any more.

I often wondered what it must be like
as climbing ladders has never before
been a problem for me, as up I go
looking down and around the site to see
with nary a problem in my capacity
of getting both feet off the ground.

Then this Thursday past I awoke to find
my head from my body in a detached way
was swimming around and I had to say
what’s is this, what is wrong, how can this be
my head doesn’t feel like it belongs to me.

No straight line am I able to walk
and sudden movement makes my head spin around
climbing ladders is not what I can do
for now my feet must stay on the ground.

To the doctors we went, my friend and I
the Doc looked at me with a serious eye
You have vertigo he proudly announced
just wait and see if I am not right
an inner ear infection is to blame
and the reason why your head is in pain.

He gave me some pills to help in the fight
Take two of these both morning and night
this will clear up the problems in the inner ear
and the vertigo will clear, up have no fear.
I forgot that besides my head swimming around
my stomache was nauseas and I could be found
cuddling the toilet like a friend in need
of support, for dry heaves are not fun
as motion sickness has just begun
and accompanied the vertigo.

The Doc said he had some special pills
to help with the the nausea and stop feeling ill
throwing up with just the slightest of sips
of anything that passed my lips.
Now let’s see, he murmured out loud
First we need to give pills that will stay down
to battle the symptons of feeling sick
and the best way to do that, he said with a grin
Are suppositories that may not be easy
but I guarantee will stop you feeling queezy

So home we drove, my friend and I
a switch in roles this from the usual scene
as normally he is the one who leans
on me but this time around
he is the one who can be found
leading me to make sure I do not fall.

Vertigo is a horrible thing
this wierd thing causes the head to spin
no straight line am I able to walk
it has not affected how I talk
but even so very pleased will I be
when the vertigo is just a bad memory