It’s Raining Again

The 5000 gallon pond.

It’s been raining at my house for a few days
preventing me from going out to play
and any work around the ponds
has to be done with a raincoat on
and even after the rain has stopped
everything has turned to slop
and being outside is just not fun
as the dripping trees continue to run
I’ve spent time indoors sitting around
not wasting it as I have found
that time on the website that I maintain
is put to good use as I make it the same
as I picture exactly what I want it to be
and then write the code so that others can see
the pictures and words of upcoming things
they can see for themselves my offerings
in an attempt to show them what is in store
including the fabulous Austin Pond Tour
with fifteen ponds spread over two days
all different kinds and so many ways
to make a back yard a beautiful thing
so that others can see and their praises will sing
not knowing the time and the effort it takes
to turn it into a beautiful place
the rain has stopped and I venture outside
to look at my ponds that Nature does hide
from view as I sit writing these words
with growth so thick that even the birds
have trouble in finding the seeds that I spread
as I welcome their presence and they’re not underfed
birds of all colors some big and some small
jostling to get to their share of it all
the yard I have is a beautiful place
everything so green filling a space
in between the ponds of which there are four
filled with Goldfish and Koi and plants galore
with pathways between leading around and around
until back at the start you can be found
ready to do it over again
to see what you missed as its never the same
to maintain the ponds is a lot of work
which in the past I did not shirk
but as I now am eighty three
the work is catching up with me
and I’m no longer sure for how long I can last
as I do not work like in the past
and things are much harder than before
as old age is knocking at my door
and with it the loss of strength that I had
especially when I was a much younger lad
and what I will need to do
is close down the ponds before I am through
and still have the strength to perform this task
just a few more years is all I ask
as I live out my remaining days
just me and the dogs very set in our ways.

Written 5/11/2019

That Durn Heron…he keeps adding to my Heroin problem

Heron perched in treesI was making my rounds after being away for several hours and as I usually do, was feeding the fish. This is a good way to see if there had been any visits from the Heron while I was away as the fish go deep and won’t come back up for several days. Well, this is exactly what happened in the goldfish pond as the fish were nowhere to be seen.

I went back inside and sat down at the computer with the memory card from the surveillance system and started going through it. I knew that I was looking on cameras 1 and 3 as they focused on the goldfish pond. The thing to remember here is that the maximum length of each video is not much more than two minutes and not knowing when this might have happened, I had to start from just after I left the house which was about 1:00 pm. It was not until I reached videos taken around 4:00 pm did I get to see the Heron. He strolled up to the pond as he normally did and jumped the fence and spent a lot of time trying to fish from the wall that divides the goldfish pond from the Koi pond. He soon got tired of that and before my eyes, it jumped into the water. I had always believed that they would walk into the water and not literally jump into it. I don’t know how it knew how deep it was as it is a little cloudy and I can’t see the bottom. That Heron must have x-Ray vision as it didn’t seem to have any trouble.

It fished around for a bit but it is not possible to tell if it caught anything as it spent time behind the Thalia plant out of sight. I should explain that both the Goldfish and Koi ponds have wire fences around them that are powered by a doggy shocker that gives quite a jolt. I know as I am always running into it as I work around the ponds. There is also an intricate system of crisscrossed wires that span the top of the Goldfish pond with the exception of one small triangle that the Heron used to fly away. At least I thought it had flown away but as I was looking at other videos, it suddenly appeared in one trying to land on top of a fish fountain in the Koi pond. Giving up on this idea, it landed on the bog area and started to look for the fish. The big Koi spotted it and moved away but one of the 4 smaller ones got too close and became dinner. What is interesting as it stood there waiting so patiently is that the big Koi moved back in directly beneath it but it made no move to attack them, probably because they are so big.

It eventually flew  off as it probably heard the dogs barking indoors as I arrived home. All told, the Heron was around the ponds from 4:00 pm through 6:00 pm a total of two hours but I have edited the video down to fifteen minutes. It is very interesting to watch as it shows how patient these big birds are and also just how much on the look out they are for their own safety. They are very nervous when they are on the ground or standing in the water.

After watching the videos, I went back to the ponds and added cross-wiring to the Koi pond plus eliminated the triangle on the Goldfish pond. I also noticed that the unit for the doggie shocker was not working so I changed it out for a new one. Hopefully, this will deter it but I thought that before. This is really a game of wits between me and the Heron and so far, the Heron is winning.

And I thought that us humans were the smart ones….

Heron on 10-16-2014 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.