New Cars


I spent time looking at cars today
while waiting for service to the one I have
I had this thing inside my head
that new is what I need instead

My car is a 2014 Ford
with a fancy name of Titanium
and has 35000 miles on the clock
and had a few things needing done.

I wandered around the car parking lot
and looked at the ones that interested me
I wanted to get another Escape
and it was hard to get my thoughts to reshape

I read the stickers attached to each car
and looked inside them from afar
and checked the layout of the things inside
the exact image of the one I drive.

Nothing had changed as far as I could see
everything appeared the same to me
their might be improvements to things out of view
but what I wanted was something new.

I looked at the stickers and had a shock
to get something the same as what I had
was going to cost several thousand bucks
much more than I wanted to pay.

I wandered around thoughts crossing my mind
Did I really need another new car
The answer of course is no I don’t
the one I have is perfectly fine

I went back to the waiting room once more
feeling good about the decision I made
no spending of money for something new
when the one that I have will certainly do

I promised myself that what happens next
is to get mine cleaned and waxed like new
and be proud to drive my two year old car
wherever it takes me both near and far.

I thought about the human mind
convincing ourselves we need something new
and of course the reality is
that what we have we can make do.