On the side of the road.

Flower meadow in Llano, Texas

Flower meadow in Llano, Texas (Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives)

How many of you when you’re driving by
and out the corner of your eye
take note of the flowers on the side of the road
or do you not see the beauty they behold.

We are usually in such a hurry
that we don’t have time to look
and yet there is much beauty there
as good as in any book.

Nature has a way, of putting on display
things we do not see because we do not look
and yet, right in front of our very eyes
not under any disguise are flowers aplenty
on the side of the road.

In all colors, shapes and sizes
they put on a wonderful display
they flower and bloom year after year
when Nature leads the way.

The next time you take a trip
look around as you travel along
and you will see on the side of the road
much beauty for all to behold.

The only time that you cannot view
as the flowers are dormant as they renew
during the winter months its true
but come February here, for it is Spring
the plants will start to do their thing
and before your very eyes will grow
and in a very, very short time
new flowers will show for all to see.