Another Year Older

English: Happy Returns

Flowers are forever


Another birthday has come and gone
this one no different from the rest
like the others just a card or two
a birthday call from my friends who
wished me all the very best to be
another year older.

Those that called all said the same.
You look good not changed a bit
just like you always have but with
a little less hair, a wrinkle or two
an extra pound to carry around
another year older.

This year is different as it seems
messages received by electronic means
on Facebook, Twitter and my blog too
all wishing Many Happy Returns
and for all of my years, not left behind
messages of the electronic kind
but the fact remains for all of my skill
I cannot change nor have the will
another year older

The messages all did say
Happy Birthday, enjoy the day
we are sure you will in your own way
we know that you are happy to
celebrate this life with the view
of another year older.

One of these days
The Lord will come knocking
my soul to take and my body to rotting
in my grave when the time comes around
the time when is normally found
my Birthday to celebrate here on earth
no longer will happen for I will be
to all of my friends just a memory
and no longer will my friends say
another year older.

With heartfelt Thanks to all of those that remembered my Birthday. I love you all…