What To Do on a Rainy Day…


Today it rains but not a lot
enough to ruin any plans that I got
I was thinking of taking a walk you see
as walking is quite the luxury
the recent weather frosty and cold
did not encourage or make me bold
staying indoors where it was warm
was the best choice but a little forlorn
the house is quiet just me and one dog
she’s sleeping away just like a log
under the covers way out of sight
where she spends her days with the utmost delight
the other dog the one name Pete
is in doggy hospital which is no treat
for he has a breathing complaint
coughing and wheezing in a terrible state
he will stay in their care for a couple of days
and hopefully be back home to his normal ways
in the meantime what shall I do
as I look at the screen without a clue
I need to think of something to write
interesting enough to give delight
to others who want to read my stuff
and have not yet had enough
although I do not write for them
the words I hope have a special blend
and will satisfy my mind
on this rainy day when the weathers unkind.

Written 1/27/2018



How the weather affects us

Another grey day

Another grey day

Another day with the weather bad
staying inside and feeling sad
as I sit by the window and gaze outside
wishing the sun would not hide
like the weather my mood is grey
because inside is where I will have to stay
dreaming of walks along trails so wide
with the sun shining no clouds to hide
taking pictures of anything that appeals to me
to put in my blog so that others can see
instead I sit here wracking my brain
with many thoughts that I choose to disdain
thinking of something about which I can write
a verse or a story about one of the walks
or one of the meeting where someone talked
about ponds or fish or garden plants too
or Thanksgiving just passed spent with friends
eating turkey and pie and other nice things
other people to meet with impossible dreams
of things they want to do with their lives
husbands, lovers, children and wives
and all to soon we go on our way
getting ready to face another grey day…

Ode to Texas Weather.

A Cloudy Day

A Cloudy Day

A dull,dull day
no sun shone through
the clouds abound
with a chill in the gloom

It feels like Fall
and yet we know
that Spring is here
with warmth to show.

The leaves are green
the flowers are out
and yet the weather
is in doubt.

Wait, this is Texas
hold on for a day
and things will change
the other way.

Another Grey Day

Another Bright and Sunny Day

            Another Bright and Sunny Day

It’s another grey and cloudy day
enough to make me want to stay
in bed with the covers over my head
and sleep till noon and hopefully then
the sun will shine through the gloom
and I will want to leave my bed.

The dogs will not let me stay there long
as their breakfast they want to eat
and they will start to make a fuss
and lick my face as I try to sleep
until whether I like it or not
they force me out to face the day.

I do not like it when it is grey
and wish the clouds would go away
and let the sun shine through on us
to feel the warmth and the shiny light
that the sun provides when it can be seen
shining down on us to make everything bright.

Winter in Texas

Gloomy Day

A Gloomy Day

Well, winter has finally arrived to us here in Texas. Not the type of roaring blizzard with 50 mph winds and inches of snow. No, we don’t have that sort of winter at least around central Texas where I live. Our winters are different.

It usually starts with the leaves falling off the trees and the temperature slowly dropping out of the summer 100’s to the fall 70’s. Then before you realize it, all of the trees with the exception of the evergreen oaks are totally bare and suddenly, the temperature has dropped into the 40’s and 50’s. These changes are subtle and have a way of sneaking up on one.

All of these changes are totally bearable with the only difference to my normal attire of shorts and tee-shirt being the addition of a jacket or warm sweater. If it gets really cold, I will have to resort to long pants.

So, I wake up one morning and the weather is dull and gloomy. Where did the sun go we are asking as the sun to Texans is like a goddess, always there and ready to keep us warm. The temperature has now dropped to the mid 40’s and dipping. The weather is cloudy and overcast. It is raining a fine misty rain and there are winter weather warnings on the television. At night, we are getting a light frost when the thermometer drops as low as 25 degrees, cold for us.

All of the succulent vegetation will die off to be replaced by new in the spring. The outside pipes have all been wrapped and everything but the essential water supply to the house is turned off. Its like being in a foreign land of which we know very little. The ponds will not freeze as the moving water prevents it. The fish have all done their fish thing and hibernated to the bottom of the pond with very little movement except for the occasional swish of a tail. Everything is grey and still with the only movement the birds on the feeders, fighting and squabbling for the seed that I have put there for them.

I find this weather very depressing. I dislike dull and grey and yearn to see the sun again and as much as I complain about how hot it will get, I will take it every time over this dull and disconsolate weather.

It will be like this off and on for the next month and then before we know it, things are turning green and Mother Nature has re-asserted herself by presenting us with new growth and sun, lots of sun. I will have less than two weeks to chop down all of the dead vegetation before the new are poking their heads above ground. Things happen fast in Texas.

I can’t wait…

This Dull Gray Day

Dull Grey Day

Dull Grey Day

Looking out of my window at a dull grey day
hoping that the clouds will soon pass away
and that the sun will shine to brighten the way
on this dull grey day.

If it were to rain I would not mind
for we will take rain of any kind
and rain we need to keep things green
but not this dull grey day.

As I look out my mood reflects
what I see through the glass
trying hard to cheerful be
on this dull grey day.

At last the sun is peeking through
and the mood is lifting with the different view
and happy are we with feelings anew
from this dull grey day.