boy_writing_with_tongue_out-300x270When I sit and try to think
of words to write to pass the time
it is pretty clear to me
that words don’t come that easily.

I need something to focus on
before the words will finally come
and sitting and waiting here in line
is not a very productive time.

People rushing in and out
all with something on their mind
trying to do what they need to do
to justify how they spend their time.

Sitting here as I patiently wait
wondering what will be the fate
what will they find is wrong with the car
hoping it is nothing bizarre.

Or not cost a fortune
or break the bank
those sort of problems
I can do without.

All I can do is sit and wait
as they determine the car’s fate
hoping not to spend all day
wasting time in this way.

Turned out to be a simple fix
did not require any special work
no parts to buy or to replace
just a mechanic with egg on his face.

He had forgotten to torque the nuts
after checking the brakes and measuring the wear
nothing dangerous or cynical here
a simple slip up I do fear.

They sent me merrily along my way
come back and see us another day
were the parting words from the friendly guy
who had helped me as he waved goodbye.