Walking the Woods at McKinney Roughs Nature Park

Riverbend Trail at McKinney Roughs

Riverbend Trail at McKinney Roughs

I spent some time this past weekend
walking the woods at McKinney Roughs
with trails spread so far and wide
it was difficult to decide
which way to go and in the end
I chose a trail that did bend
and returned me to where I started from
Pine Ridge is the trail that brought me home.

The hike covered a couple of miles
over terrain of different kinds
some covered in brush and others too
that were of Oak trees and the Cedar kind
the trails were clear and the terrain was rough
it climbed and dipped as I followed the path
leading me to places yet unknown
as never before had I walked this way.

Even though the weather was hot
there was enough shade that most of the time
in the direct sun I was not.

I walked along looking to see
if the view would impress me
so that I had to stop and a picture take
as that was the purpose of the walk
that and the exercise I would gain
I passed two others on the way
a woman and I suppose her son
striding it out on the way back
to where they had both begun.

The trail led me back to the starting point
and at that point I had to decide
which way next should I go
or should I just call it a day
I opted another trail I should take
this one was called Riverside
and it would take me down the hill
until the river I would see
which at this point flows very slow
and had water lilies and other plants
that show off their beauty in this quiet place.

The only company that I had
was a Big Blue Heron out in the lake
standing so tall and so serene
with the patience of a Saint
as it waits for some form of food
a fish or other aquatic life
that will swim within this big birds reach
and with speed so fast the bird will strike
and come up with it in its beak
and with a toss of the head will turn the food
and swallow it whole, its sustenance of life.

I could not take any pictures of
the heron as it devoured its prey
my view of the bird was not too clear
as the tree branches were in the way
so with a sigh I got up to leave
as the Heron flew away
a successful hunt from its point of view
not so good for whatever it ate
but that is Mother Natures way
as in the food chain we all have our say.

I turned and started back up the hill
watching the bird had been a thrill
as seeing Nature in the raw
had not given me my fill
so with long and determined strides
I tackled the trail back up the hill
and figured I had a half a mile
of uphill climb before I could rest
as from that point on no longer a test
as the trail climbed at a more even keel.

Back in my car I sat for a while
and thought of the hike and what I had seen
tough climbs followed by easy ones too
and lets not forget the Big Blue
who had let me in to share the strife
for a brief moment as he had to work
for a short period of time, to sustain his life.

Pine Ridge Trail

Pine Ridge Trail

I covered more than four miles this day
walking on trails both narrow and wide
walking is supposed to be good for the soul
but its hell on the body I have to say
especial when you are growing old
this is not the first nor my last
as I have plans for other trails to take
with my camera by my side
looking for pictures of the things I view
and of all of the beautiful things around
to me Mother Nature, so profound
I enjoy the most on any day.

If I did not come from modern times
with computers and internet and other finds
I would opt to live a different day
in a totally different way
for off the land I would try to live
and grow my food and try to give
back to Nature as she gives to me
as we live together in harmony.

I know its easy to dream these dreams
when in reality I live in a house
and go to the store to buy my food
and cook on a stove or turn on the lights
no hardship do I have to face
or live outside the weather to brave
but still a part of me will always be
close to Nature who is Mother to me.

McKinney Roughs 8-21-2013 Slide Show from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.