My Birthday

Today was my birthday I’m happy to say
for it it was any other day
it would not be my Birthday.

To me this makes a lot of sense
for on this you can’t straddle the fence
unless you are extremely dense.

For birthdays come but once a year
any more would not bring good cheer
but bring the final end much near.

Who wants to live just half a life
although maybe without the strife
I might still have a wife

Alas today is my birthday
and I would have it no other way
as long as I can have my say.

Happy Birthday just to me
as it won’t go down in history
for all of the world to see.

Instead I will eat my cake
drink some wine for old times sake
knowing that I won the sweepstake

for one more year…Happy Birthday to me…

Written 01/20/2021

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