Mikey, Sandy and Walking.

Mikey and Sandy

Every morning, after I feed the fish and check the ponds, I prepare breakfast for the dogs and then for myself, in that order. Usually, because they are demanding to be fed with their big brown eyes looking at me in such an appealing way and their tales wagging a mile a minute, it is hard to refuse. As many can relate, it is very difficult to ignore your best friends. Or maybe, they are my only friends at least in these troubled times of self isolation and social distancing. Luckily for me, I do not have a wife to boss me around and tell me what to do but I don’t need one. After all, I have the dogs and they can do just that and very effectively. Luckily, they can’t talk so at least I do not have to put up with nagging and constant reminders.

I have even increased my fitness level because of them as every evening around 7:30 pm, Sandy starts her little song and dance followed by much very loud barking to let both Mikey and I know that it time to go for a walk. Mikey is sort of a willing participant as he loves it when we are actually out there and walking but if we didn’t go, it wouldn’t bother him too much. After all, it is still bloody hot with the thermometer hovering between 93 and 97 degrees. The only thing we have going for us is that it is late enough that the sun has actually dropped below the tree line and we do have shade all of the way. Depending on how we feel we will walk anywhere between 1-2 miles each evening. If, by chance, I have been to the Supermarket and grocery shopping earlier in the day, that number will climb to at least 3 miles. So, when it eventually cools down and my friend BJ and I get back out on the hiking trails, I should not be in too bad a shape, physically.

This being Texas, it will probably be the end of September before the weather is anywhere near feeling comfortable and even then, it will still be very warm. Yes, we generally have pretty mild winters with maybe an occasional frost but we pay for it in the summer. Can’t wait to get my new Travel Trailer so that next summer, I can be in New York State or Colorado or somewhere equally as mild and not have to put up with the Texas Heat.

Written 8/18/2020

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