Today’s Drive

Free as a butterfly

I went out for a drive today
stopping at Starbucks along the way
to grab a Latte my favorite drink
having one in hand helps me think
the girl that serves me does this all day
as she scans my card keeping distance away
she wears a mask and makes very sure
no contact with me or the drink to endure
I take the drink and give her my thanks
and drive away from the window at a leisurely pace
I think about where I want to go
the usual route but driving slow
just taking pleasure to be in my truck
instead of in the house where I’m stuck
because this virus is keeping us in
to break the lockdown might be a sin
and the only way to beat this thing
is to stay away from others and adjusting
no mingling in crowds or with another
as contact might pass this onto a lover
or friend or family or even a stranger
as this bug does not care who it attacks
and can kill all ages and that’s a fact
not everyone dies from this disease
and the chances of life are good indeed
but who wants to take that risk
when the safest way to still exist
is to stay locked down safely at home
and not be like me wanting to roam
in fairness though I have to say
I do not mingle with others along the way
just me and my Latte as we listen to rhyme
as an Audiobook story to pass the time
driving along in my truck
at peace with the world trusting my luck
no contact with others just me all alone
doing the things that I like into the unknown.

Written 4/11/2020

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