The New Year

Lets see a quick review
of the things that I want to do
now that the New Year has already begun
and we have started to have some fun
no resolutions did I set
knowing that I would soon forget
at keeping them I am not very good
as least not as good as I should
and generally it is a waste of time
and so I have drawn the line
and instead will outline this years plan
hiking of course of which I’m a big fan
and taking pictures while I am out on the trail
with words to fit I shall prevail
and post in my blog for all to see
how words and pictures make harmony
I plan on losing a little more weight
for that what I have is extra freight
to carry around an unnecessary risk
to eat less is the way to the fix
along with working out at the gym
to try to make the body more trim
and regain the muscle that I have lost
as old age creeps on and is really the boss
so really there is a very short list
one that I can easily fix
take pictures and hike as far as I can
write in my blog for all of my fans
cut back on my eating and lose some pounds
and work out at the gym myself to confound
with just how easy it really can be
to make 2019 my legacy.

Written 1/10/2019

4 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. My phone is seeing lots of words jammed together. I didn’t go past the first paragraph.

    Did I ever tell you that I just gave up on the idea of a survey? The food questions weren’t at all relevant and I decided just to call a few former members to see if they had any suggestions. I plan to suggest to the board tonight that we send the Stream out to all of our contacts each month. Maybe someone will seesomething they’re interested in coming back for. Bj


  2. The poem’s formatted perfectly on my laptop! I’ve noticed that WordPress layouts change dramatically depending on whether one’s using a phone or a larger screen.

    Anyway, I’ve never been one for resolutions, because I’m not good at keeping them either. I do hope you’re able to keep to your plan of hiking a lot, though! You may be aging, but I imagine that looking after your health would at least make the aging process more graceful?

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