The Search Goes On…

Ginny the new girl

Ginny, the last one remaining of the original dogs…

As I am still looking for a companion for my little Dachshund, Ginnie, the loner and only female in the group, I decided to head to the three different Dog Rescues that I tend to visit on a periodic basis.

The first and furthest away is in Bastrop, a distance of 38 miles from my house. That is the same place that I got Mikey although at the time, his name was Charlie. It doesn’t seem to matter what I call him as he only comes when he feels like it. Actually, that is not really true as when I am out in the yard and working around the ponds, he is usually no more than a couple of steps away. Only if Ginnie starts to bark at something which she is prone to do, will he tear off at top speed to help her investigate whatever she was barking at.

I walked around the kennels at the Bastrop Rescue, many of which are empty as they are not inundated with dogs at this time. I did not see one Great Pyrenees and that has to be a first as usually, there are 2-3 of them. In the small dogs, they had a few mixed breeds and Chihuahuas, several of which were either males and/or in pairs. I didn’t see a single female that I thought would be a good companion for Ginnie.

My next stop was at the Austin Animal Shelter on Levander Loop which is the biggest of all of the places I visit. They had a lot of little dogs of all breeds and shapes and sizes but many had adopted stickers or were males. None of them said to me, “Take me home”.

My final stop was  at Austin Pets Alive in Tarrytown which is a little different than most shelters. It has four different areas all one after the other where they house the dogs several to an area. As these areas are adjoining, it is always a noisy place to visit as one barking dog sets off the rest of them. Again, these are all small dogs of different mixed breeds and varieties with Chihuahuas being the predominant strain and again, very few were female. So, very reluctantly, I left and made my way home wishing that that I was filthy rich and could give all of the dogs that I had seen today, a permanent place to call home.

Next week, I will take a drive to Georgetown, the place where I got Gizzy, just in case another small female dog is there and looking for a home.

Written 8/26/2018

7 thoughts on “The Search Goes On…

  1. Did you tell each shelter what you were looking for so they could call you if they happen to get one in?

    You are a lot stronger than me. I can’t even go into shelters because I would end up taking more than I originally wanted to home!

      • Kinda sounded like you had an idea. It sounded like you were looking for a female. Also sounded like you wanted a small (to me) female. Just an idea. I read another person’s blog and she kept going to the shelters and not finding the right one, and she gave them a bit of an idea of what she was looking for and when they got a small female (I forgot what else she wanted) in they called her . . . now she has a new dog. 🙂

        • I have two small males and Ginnie is the female and she doesn’t get on well with anyone. I am hoping that another female might do the trick. Great idea on letting them know what I am looking for.

          • If they have a “kinda idea” they can call you and you don’t even have to go . . . the on shelter you said is kinda far. But at least you have the option! Or . . . perhaps you don’t tell them what KIND OF dog, but your situation . . . and they might get a dog in that would fit perfect. I bet there is a dog out there who was living in that same type of situation and for some reason will end up at the shelter. Ya just never know . . . . 🙂 Good luck!

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