I Sat…




I sat at the kitchen table looking out through the glass
at the garden that now has been cut back because of the frost
it was a dull and grey day with the sun hidden behind the clouds
and I wondered what I could do the time to pass.

I sat watching the birds as they squabbled over the seed
even though there are many feeders for them to choose
they all had to have the same one who knows why
maybe it was special and satisfied their need.

I sat and watched the dogs as they wandered the yard
one slim and lithe as she scampered around
nose to the ground checking for every smell
she found nothing or she was not trying very hard.

I sat and watched other dog who did not have the nose to smell
instead content to bark at the squirrel in the trees
and sit and look out onto the yard
checking to see that all was well.

I sat and thought about what needed to be done
to clear the remaining plants killed by the frost
and who should take on this task
I guess it’s me, I am the only one.

Written 1/26/2018


6 thoughts on “I Sat…

  1. Maybe you just sat, but your mind is sharp, you took in all that was happening, and you planned on things you needed to do. You were actually very busy. I’m glad to hear you’re sitting a little after all your long walks. Take care, and be well.

    • The cooler and wet weather has slowed down the walking for a bit although I have restarted again in the last few weeks. This sort of busy is brain food also very necessary as we grow older…Thanks for the comment.

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