I Bought Me a Truck


In a fit of madness I went to the lot
just to see what  they have got
in the way of new trucks which I am told
that my plans for the future will really involve
my car that I have had for a while
which I really like for its style
can’t do the things I have planned
like getting ready a piece of land
and hauling brush and clearing trees
a Tiny Home is what I need
and sell this house and move away
for something smaller where I can play
I will be sad to leave my friends
and the ponds I built and to this end
but the house is way too big for me
and would suit a larger family
as my needs are so very few
the space I need to live like I do
a Tiny Home in so many ways
where I can live the rest of my days
will I ever make the move
and make my Little House dreams come true
well I bought the truck so thats a start
the land comes next to play its part
water and gas and electricity too
and a septic system for the loo
hopefully by this time next year
my life will have a whole new veneer.

Two months later and things have changed
no land no little house but in exchange
I plan to buy a trailer home
to visit the Parks and be alone
to spend time away just me and the pups
and walking the trails and taking cups
of coffee or some other fine brew
under the stars with only a few
other campers doing the same
as we play the Nature Game.

Written 11/10/2017
Amended 1/21/2018


11 thoughts on “I Bought Me a Truck

    • That was a bit of a crazy time in my life when dreaming was easier than reality. I have since come to my senses and will remain in this house until either they carry me out feet first OR I move into an old folks home…

  1. Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass has a lot of stuff about getting up there in age (toward the end of the book). It is rough for all of us (if we are lucky enough to get to that stage). Just stay positive, curious, and caring!

    We’re going to a comedy show tomorrow that is a benefit for a new Dog Shelter in Kankakee. 🙂

  2. Two dogs are enough on top of the parrots and all of the 700 gallons of aquariums that are here! You are so lucky to be so healthy at your age! Please make sure to take Fish oil supplements daily as they help tremendously with regard to keeping strokes from happening, are a great type of anti-inflammatory, and provide DHA to enhance/enable mental alertness. Many people are very DHA deficient! I’m a vegetarian but i take Fish Oil capsules daily.

    • As it happens, I do take fish oil everyday. I sometimes wonder about all of the supplements that I take and if they are doing any good. There is no way to measure other than stop taking them and see what happens…

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