More Sadness


The last addition, Pete

Once again my life is sad
as another of my pets has left
to join with Richie up in the sky
where all dogs go when they die
this time Pete my fat little friend
succumbed to heartworm of years gone by
and even though he had the best care
his poor little heart just could not fly
I buried him beside the pond
next to Richie his bestest friend
and the two in life with such a strong bond
live in Doggie Heaven where joy never ends.

Written 2/5/2018


32 thoughts on “More Sadness

  1. People who don’t have pets can’t understand what a space it leaves in your heart when they’re suddenly gone. Petey had a very happy 18 months with you and the other doggies.

  2. Dad, really really sorry to hear about Pete, the two of them are going to have so much fun again and I’m sure going to get up to plenty of mischief as well.
    Thinking of you


    • The best cure that I have found over the many years of having dogs and outliving them all, is to get another dog. Not to replace but to fill the void left by the one that you have just lost

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss Francis. You have amazing memories left from your precious friend Pete. He was such a handsome little dog 🙂

  4. I had so many dogs who died everytime I come home for a holiday from living overseas. It seems they are waiting for me before they sign off. Sad indeed and it pinch my heart everytime I remember each of them who waited patiently for me. I can understand your sadness.

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