The Downside of Age…

Jeff Price-52

This tree is made up of 5 different pictures in order show the whole thing. I wonder how old it is and if it ever got angry?

One of the many things that happen as I grow older is that it is much harder to control my aggravation when things don’t go according to plan. I’m a pretty level headed guy most of the time although I have had my moments when my temper got the better of me especially on the soccer field in my younger days. One thing I do have is infinite patience when it comes to computer related things probably because I see that as more of a challenge than say tying my shoelaces.

I generally show my annoyance in several different ways the first of which is to fill the air with the “F” word. Generally, this makes me feel a whole lot better and I am able to return to the aggravating task to give it another try. Like I say, generally I have infinite patience so when it doesn’t work a second, third or fourth time I keep on swearing and add “Oh Sh*t” to the swear words to give them more strength. If it still doesn’t work, I will give up for the day and tackle it again in the morning. I figure that overnight, I have built up the required amount of patience that I am ready to have another go at it.

I’m kidding of course although I do bust out in the occasional cuss word. What I have found as I grow older is that I do get much more aggravated much quicker than I used to. There is a sharp reaction of anger when something doesn’t work quite right after several tries and I feel like throwing the computer through the window. Luckily common sense prevails and although I could use a new computer,  I don’t want to replace the big picture window as well. Anyway, those sort of temper tantrums are for little kids and I am definitely no longer one of those.

Wait a minute here, I wonder if having enough temper tantrums will make me younger? Maybe I should follow that train of thought for a while and see where it leads…

Written 12/18/2017

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