As We Grow Older…

Jeff Price-31

I was thinking this morning about growing old
and all of the things that it brings so I’m told
wisdom and knowledge are all things gained
even though a much slower brain
tries to keep up with whats going on
looking for clues where the thought has gone
with all this knowledge that we possess
the brain has trouble in trying to digest
and to recall the very thought that you need
turns out to be much harder to succeed
given the brain still works but is slow
it links to the body just a little below
it too is slower and weaker and in pain
which matches the saying no pain no gain
although as far as I can see
the only gain is in years to our history
as we are far past our prime both in body and mind
when we finally figure out what our brain has defined
and to find the strength to complete the task
sometimes turns out a very big ask
and so we get grumpy and in our mind
yearn for the days when life was kind
the choices we have are very few
accept what we are and what we can do
or wait for the time when we curl up and die
what’s the purpose in that I tell you no lie
I would rather put up with the slowness in thought
and the aches and pains the years have brought
just to spend a few more years on this earth
living this life that I have had from birth…

Written 12/17/2017

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