Another Drive


I walked a while at one of the Parks
taking pictures along and throughout the day
the weather was extremely hot
not many birds flying my way
I could hear them singing in the trees
but it was so hard to see
and although I got a couple of shots
the picture I wanted was not to be
I saw a couple of white tail deer
bounding along away from me
but as is usual in this case
my camera was not free
I missed the best shot of the day
as I watched the deer run away
quickly to disappear from view
as the animals are apt to do.

I finished walking for the day
and started driving to my house
instead of taking the quick way home
I chose instead that I would roam
and drive the countryside once more
such is the beauty that it holds
and had not gone for a mile or two
as in the distance big and bold
a big brown deer standing aloof
waiting to cross with her tiny hoofs
I slowed the car to let her cross
but the deer turned and I was at a loss
as she jumped the fence and she was gone
the picture missed as I took too long.

I watched her go and something caught my eye
not far away half hidden in the grass
with a Momma Skunk leading the way
and four young Kits not stopping to play
as they followed behind in a single line
with Momma not giving them much time
as into the bushes away from the car
and out of my view travelling far
I continued driving along the road
thinking of what I had just seen
and even though no pictures to show
I knew It had not been a dream
and once more Mother Nature’s display
helped to make a wonderful day.

8 thoughts on “Another Drive

  1. I enjoy when you tell a story in Rhyme. Too bad that animals are so quick, and you missed a few. The whitetail deer picture was great. It does look like it’s very hot and dry where you live.Thanks for a good journey.

    • I really need to sit still for a while and then maybe I could get more animal pictures but as a part of the hike is to get exercise , sitting kind of defeats the purpose. It’s been pretty close or at 100 degrees for this past month. thanks for the comment.

    • Believe it or not, in many places close to the lakes or on the outskirts of bigger towns, the deer walk around like they own the place which I suppose in a way, they do. People feed them as pets and in some cities, it is against the law to feed the deer. Not quite the same as seeing them in their natural habitat.

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