A Hike and Taking Pictures.

DSC_5435I went for a hike the other day
I felt that I needed to get out and play
out in the country and breathe the fresh air
knowing that I hadn’t a care.

Life is good and I’m still alive
and you could say that I even thrive
on walking miles out in the sun
for my race is not yet run.

My pace is slow as I amble along
not in a hurry my pace long gone
just happy to be out in the sun
that Nature provides to give me fun.

It gets a little warm out there
as I walk along without a care
stopping when something catches my eye
to take pictures of the wonderful sky.

Or maybe a bird or a tree or two
whatever it is that is in my view
something that has caught my eye
and I have to know the reason why.

I really like to record the scene
whatever it is that make me serene
as I walk off the miles in my quest
to take a picture of the very best.

At the end of the trip I always feel tired
and hot with clothes soaked as I perspire
and I change before getting in the car
so I drive in comfort even though it’s not far.

When I get home and look at my shots
half of them are not so hot
as I toss them away and look at the best
knowing my computer can do the rest.

A tweak here and another there
before the picture I wish to share
is ready for others to review
in the hunt for perfection, if they only knew.

13 thoughts on “A Hike and Taking Pictures.

  1. Keep up the good work, Frank! I’m going t0 be 84 this November and feel great, with the exception of having to put down my precious Cairn Terrier, Abby. (You took care of her for a bit for me).

    • Actually, the name is Francis but as I spent my entire working life in the construction industry, Francis is a bit too suggestive so I shortened it to Frank. I go by both names. Thanks for the comment…

    • As I get older, I am starting to use Francis more. Incidentally, I am more than a month ahead with my blogs and this was written before the Richie episode. I shifted them to get the Richie blog out early.

  2. I do my blogs around a month ahead (scheduled) too! Well, get into a more positive frame of mind anyway, Francis. However, i know, all too well, that no matter what anyone says or no matter what your mind does… it just takes time. Richie, to you, was a lot more than just a bunch of mere images and patterns… and your mind will need time to recover from that shock.

    • I am not sure that anything really heals a broken heart. Some say time, others say another dog. Others take up drinking or eating too much. My life is pretty full with other things and it all helps including getting out in the woods and trails. Thanks for the comment and concern.

      • Yeah, I am not so sure about the healing, either, but . . . it is good to get out, because even if it doesn’t do any “healing” for your broken heart it does a lot of other great things for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

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