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lp4-mckinneyI was thinking about the world we live in and how we treat it.
It has been around for millions of years evolving at a very slow rate
Mankind has been around for a few thousand years
and in that time has done his best to destroy the very planet we live on
Man is either blessed or cursed with the ability to think and use his brain
It has enabled him to invent all kinds of sometimes weird but always wonderful new things, but at what cost
Man has never been able to get along with his neighbor since the very beginning
Wars have been fairly commonplace and routine things throughout the centuries
Even without wars, Man still kills and maims his fellow beings either through greed or ignorance or sometimes for no reason at all
Not content with killing each other, Man has now turned his attention to killing the very planet  on which he lives
It is as though Man is too selfish, too greedy and probably way too stupid
This planet was born millions of years ago with life in the form of Man only a few thousand of its years
We are a very small speck in this timeline and after we have done our best to have destroyed ourselves, the planet will continue spinning around the sun without us
And this Earth will be better off as we fail to learn our lesson
We have been given the opportunity to make things right
Will we take it? My guess is NO and all will be lost.


13 thoughts on “Today’s Thoughts

  1. There is some consolation in the knowledge that many people understand the situation and are trying to do something about it. We can only hope they will prevail over the people who don’t believe in science. We’ll never know…

    • But again,with the new group in the White House, powerful people are trying to turn the clock backwards instead of facing the facts. Maybe the earth is still flat to them. You are right about us not being around to see the final outcome…

    • And so frustrating but as my friend BJ pointed out, we won’t be around to see the final result. Pity really as I would really like to see how everything ends…

  2. It is very true that man has become too egoistic. They knew from the beginning of time that nature was stronger than them,, but they took the hint to play around with nature, they lost respect for the “living things,” and how could they have respect for themselves and their fellow human beings. This world is getting worse and worse day by day. And it will never change. Unless whoever created it, smashed it, crushed it and build another one with new lives of creatures who can respect CREATIONS! It was a nice read! Thank you for posting!

    • Interesting comment. Just when we thought we might have a chance and seemed to be going in the right direction, the wrong group gets in the White House and starts unravelling things. Such short sightedness all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

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